theatre concept


The Oxford Theatre has been designed specifically for contemporary theatre with seating and stages modifiable, flexible and configurable to the inspired modern playwright. 


The site is located on an elevated open grassed site on Headington Hill, dramatically siluetted against the backdrop of the spires and gothic structures of Oxford.


The building has within the centre of the scheme a perfect cubic monolith. The imposing cube forms the auditoria spaces; with the main flexible theatre space to the ground level, Practices studios at the centre and an open-air theatre to the roof level. The concept of the cube is intended to evoke an egaggerated drama and create an iconic structure adding to a memorable experience. The cube is cloaked with structural glazing creating consequential heighted space for social gathering, whilst forming a secondary sound barrier for the theatre zones.

Utilising the height of the site and opportunistic views an open-air theatre is located at the the top of the cube further enhancing the drama of any production.