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The design concept for the Hullabazoo Adventure Play area has been created as a feature pinnacle with a ‘centralised’ integrated play framework bringing height and viewpoint. The surrounding play areas, branching from this, are clearly defined zones for varying ages of children encouraging climbing with height, speed with agility and balance with adventure. 


The zones are themed as:


Mara Mayhem: younger play zone area featuring grass mounds, tunnels and pop holes, swings, roundabout, bridge and other early years play equipment.

Whipsnade Heights: Feature towers with rope and timber bridges, slides, climbing nets and ramps.


Speedy Cats: Featuring balance, climbing trials and a zip wire.

Mangroves: Featuring climbing stacks and nets with stepping/climbing boulders.


Along with the design of the play equipment the landscaping has been themed to incorporate mounding with contours to evoke a more adventurous experience. Indigenous planting relative to each theme has been incorporated within the different zones.