ipswich gym


Ipswich's world number one compound archer, Commonwealth gold medallist Nicky Hunt officially opened The Gym, Ipswich in the former St Matthews Baths after a major refurbishment of the building. The Ipswich gym is Abbeycroft Leisure’s first affordable fitness Club and offers the state-of-the-art workout stations over two floors.


In 1966 Eric Clapton played at the baths on the swimming pool which was covered by a bouncing floor and in 1971 Led Zeppelin played at the baths among many other big name bands.

The building features a stunning vaulted Victorian roof adding to an atmospheric backdrop. mk40 architects have taken the former baths, and later concert hall, and have transformed the elegant interiors into light and airy inspirational environments inwhich to train.


One hundred Matrix fitness stations have been installed including the brand new Virtual Active experience, a revolutionary workout experience which simulates climbing, running and hiking along some of the world’s most beautiful landmarks including Ayers Rock and the Grand Canyon.